Alexa: Voice assistant of Amazon, soon in your microwave?

Amazon has in its boxes a number of new devices that are compatible with its language assistant Alexa. We talk about home audio equipment for cars and even appliances, including the microwave.

Eight new products, including Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant, including a microwave oven, a router and a subwoofer, would soon come on the market, according to CNBC.

They should be ready by the end of 2018; Some of them should be offered until the end of September. These devices focus on the daily lives of users, in homes, or in the car. This is the first time that Alexa has a direct position in home appliances.

Amazon ready for entry into the home appliance market
According to CNBC news on 17 September, the new Amazon devices (microwaves, amplifiers, subwoofers, and car gadgets) have the ability to connect to Alexa, even though the voice assistant was not initially integrated with the devices. Some brands outside the Amazon group, such as Sonos, GE and Garmin, have already adapted their products to Alexa.

With devices in these new categories, Amazon appears to enter the connected device market, a market that is currently growing thanks to the development of smart devices. While Amazon seems to focus increasingly on household and car products, Alexa’s everyday life seems to be still increasing in users’ everyday lives.

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