CeramicSpeed DrivEn: Soon come bikes without chain or derailleur?

Seen at Eurobike, CeramicSpeed’s bike transmission replaces the chain and derailleur with a drive shaft and ceramic bearings. A device that would significantly reduce friction compared to the best chain-derailleur systems.

This is an innovation that will interest cycling enthusiasts. The American brand CeramicSpeed ​​has designed a new bike transmission system that eliminates the chain and derailleur. The system, based on a transmission shaft and ceramic bearings, was recently awarded at the Eurobike fair, which is currently being held in Germany.

Called DrivEn, this transmission, still in the concept state, consists of a carbon fiber transmission shaft, which replaces the chain, and ceramic bearings arranged at each end. The latter drive on one side the front mono-tray and the other on the cassette on the rear wheel, in fact a set of concentric circles gears. The interest of a system? In addition to superior reliability, reduced exposure to impact, dust and water, DrivEn significantly reduces friction. According to CeramicSpeed, this transmission reduces friction by 49% compared to Shimano’s Dura-Ace group, which is currently the best in the field.

The DrivEn system does not yet manage speed changes
In a chain-derailleur transmission, friction occurs on all eight hinge points as the chain wraps around the chainring, derailleur pulleys, and cassette. DrivEn reduces the number of friction points to four. However, the principle of this transmission is not a novelty in itself. It already exists but uses tapered bearings that produce much more friction.

For the moment, CeramicSpeed ​​indicates that its innovation still needs development because the gearshift is not up to date. The idea of ​​the manufacturer is to install a servomotor inside the driveshaft to move it back and forth on the cassette. The rear bearings would then mesh on a different gear, smaller or larger. We will follow this with interest.

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