Electric scooters: Alarming rise in injuries in the United States

According to a Consumer Reports study, approximately 1,500 people have been injured in electric scooter accidents since the end of 2017 in the United States. And this figure is probably below reality.

In the last two years, the United States, as well as many other countries, has experienced a very rapid development of electric scooter rental services. This trendy urban mobility offer is not without posing issues of cohabitation between users of electric scooters, pedestrians and motor vehicles. Above all, we begin to discover that the legal vagueness around the use and safety rules results in an increase in accidents.

According to a survey by Consumer Reports Consumer Consumers Union magazine in the United States, there are at least 1,547 electric scooter accidents that resulted in injuries last year across the Atlantic. According to statistics from 110 hospitals and 5 government agencies (police, municipal transportation, emergencies) in 47 cities, the most common injuries are concussions, nasal fractures and fractures of the forearm.

Bird and Lime recommend wearing a helmet
Consumer Reports states that this figure is probably undervalued as the services that support the injured do not consistently indicate that they were riding an electric scooter. In addition, deaths related to the use of this mode of transportation are not counted. There were four over the period, says Consumer Reports. The monthly surveyed Lime and Bird, the two largest scooter rental companies in the United States, about these crashes and their safety policies.

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