Huawei announces the first smartphone capable of taking 3D photos

Thanks to Time-of-flight technology, the next smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer would be able to take three-dimensional shots, but also to upset the world of augmented reality.

As the world’s second-largest smartphone seller, Huawei is about to release a model that can take 3D photos. According to Bloomberg, who reveals the information, this smartphone would have the code name Princeton, and for a Japanese analyst, quoted by our colleagues, it is a “technology that has never been seen before [that could ed] change our vision of the world.

For now, difficult to know more but according to Bloomberg, this technology would rely on more advanced Sony sensors than those found on the XPeria XZ1. Unlike the iPhone X, whose sensor is based on the technology called “structured light”, these sensors use the technology “Time-of-Flight” (TOF), translated by “flight time”. Known to geometers and architects who now use lasers to measure distances in a place, it involves using a light to measure the distance between the sensor and the object. This technology has the immense advantage of allowing the 3D image to be recorded in real time. In the smartphone, the scene or the object is reconstituted in the form of 3D point clouds thanks to the emission of the infrared lasers.

For now, we are talking about “3D camera” and the goal is twofold: at the same time, the smartphone will be able to take snapshots that will be possible to see from several angles, but also to model in 3D people and objects. This second function will be all the more interesting as it could significantly change the game world. The developers could thus benefit from it for augmented reality applications.

According to Bloomberg, it will take until 2019 to see the model land, and it will not be the Huawei Nova 4 that the company must unveil in the coming days after posting a teaser of the device.

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