Ulo, a connected camera really cool

Developed by the young French designer Mu Design, Ulo is a connected camera that uses a playful design to create a link with the user. The concept appealed to test users who were able to preview it thanks to the EDF Pulse & You community innovation platform.

The EDF Pulse & You platform allows Internet users to invest in the process of co-innovation by becoming, among other things, connected object testers. Indeed, connected objects are more and more numerous in our daily lives. But few can create a direct link with users. This is what led Mu Design to design a very original surveillance camera. Ulo is his name, imitating the appearance of an owl with two LCD screens that form a pair of eyes with which the camera makes eye contact. Mu Design speaks of “emotive tech” which aims to create a fun and personalized link with the user.

Equipped with an HD camera, a motion detector and a microphone, Ulo can follow a person’s eyes to indicate that he has detected his presence. Her eyes are also used to indicate that she is in surveillance mode (that one activates a tapping on her head), that she films live or that the level of her battery is low.

When in surveillance mode, the camera sends alerts to the mobile app (Android and iOS) with a video clip as soon as it detects an activity. It is also possible to access the live video stream from your smartphone. Practical, for example, to take a look at his child when one is busy in another room. Ulo plugs into the mains via its USB port, but it can also run on battery power with a two-day battery life.

The concept has obviously pleased. During the crowdfunding campaign for Ulo, Mu Design raised more than 1.6 million euros. 12,500 copies of the connected camera were sold during this phase. The general public marketing will start mid-December at a price of 199 euros.

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