uReflect – customizable connected mirror

Nine students from Epitech School have developed software to turn any connected mirror into an interactive interface. He will be able to give you beauty or health advices, give the weather or display all your messages.

“You have a button that was not there yesterday. “Oh, how was I wearing my hair two months ago? “It’s raining and it’s 5 ° C, what clothes to choose? “Be careful, the toothpaste tube is soon over. “It seems like I’ve gained weight lately. “Is this new lipstick suitable for my complexion? Here is a list of tips that uReflect can soon give you, a module to put under a connected mirror. This is a kind of smart brick to integrate in the mirror, from which developers can create their own applications and make them available to other users via the store, says Kévin Empociello, one co-founders of uReflect and student at Epitech Bordeaux.

A dozen basic widgets have already been developed by the team (weather, agenda, music, social networks or lighting control of the house), but the potential is “infinite”, ensures the young entrepreneur. He imagines particular applications in the field of health or beauty (makeup tips, hairdressing, care …), for road traffic or to converse with his family.

An open source interface offering infinite potential
Thanks to facial recognition, the mirror is completely personalized: each member of the family has its own interface and its own features. “Unlike competing products, our solution is based on a JavaScript-based open source operating system open to a community of millions of developers. So you do not have to wait for any updates from the manufacturer to take advantage of new features, “explains Kévin Empociello.

Rewarded at the last CES show in Las Vegas
The team flew last January for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas within the regional delegation of New Aquitaine to present his project. “We have contacted all major manufacturers such as LG or Philips,” welcomes Kévin Empociello. Best of all, uReflect received an award at the CES Innovation Awards ahead of the show.

He is also part of the 14 Epitech Innovative Projects selected for the trophy presented in February 2019 at Epitech Experience. The creators will present their prototype developed within the innovation hub of Epitech, accompanied by experts in virtual reality. Kévin and his friends, who are among the 18% of the school’s students embarking on entrepreneurship during their training, are now planning to start their own startup.

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