With SPH-10BT, from Pioneer, car radios and smartphones merge

Car manufacturer Pioneer presented a model that connects to a smartphone via an application and uses the phone’s technical capabilities to provide advanced driving features: alarm lines, emergency calls, access to music streaming applications, reverse radar. ..

Having a car with on-board computers and the full range of driving aids is often expensive. Pioneer has developed in Hybrid Car Radio, SPH-10BT, which uses the technological features of a smartphone via an application to access these features at a lower cost. This car radio is available from September at a price of 119 euros and has a retractable hook for a mobile phone with a screen with a width of up to 9 cm (well suited for an iPhone X or Galaxy Note 9) and is rotatable by 90 degrees.

However, the full interest of this product is in the Pioneer Smart Sync application (available for download from the App Store and nice Google Play). Pioneer’s philosophy surrounding this application is to make it a cornerstone of their system, through updates that are not just aesthetics, speed, errors, and more.

For example, it will soon be possible to use the camera on your smartphone to get the trajectory: if the line is crossed, the driver will be notified immediately. On some vehicles, the smartphone may remain locked. In other cases, it may be necessary to set up a second one in the event of a disruption to the dashboard view. The emergency call can be activated automatically from the smartphone during an accident, whereby the attitude of the person or the service must be determined.

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